04/30/2019 01:09pm

The Diocese of Grand Rapids’ Office of Communications issues the following statement from Bishop Walkowiak regarding the bombing attacks in Sri Lanka on Easter and the shooting at the Congregation Chabad synagogue in Poway, California, on April 27, during Passover:

“Recent occurrences of violent attacks on people of faith gathered in prayer are an affront to humanity. The coordinated series of bombings in Sri Lanka on Easter that killed hundreds of innocent worshippers in Catholic Churches, and others of all faiths in nearby hotels, is a great evil. We join with people of goodwill throughout the world in condemning these acts of terrorism.

Further, as we absorb the news that another house of worship has been the target of violence, I join with my brother bishops in expressing sadness for the victims and their families and deep concern over this most recent attack on people of faith. We must continue to denounce acts of hatred and violence carried out against innocent people, people of any faith, as they gather to pray and worship.

Calling on the Lord, who is our refuge and strength in times of trial, I ask you to join me in praying for those who were killed and injured during these violent acts in Sri Lanka and California and for their families and communities. May the God of hope, who has raised his son Jesus from the dead, instill peace in the hearts of all people.”