03/31/2020 03:27pm


Dear Friends,
I wanted to offer you some insight as to what is occurring in our parishes as we continue in these uncertain times.
I continue to celebrate private Mass at our 3 churches as I did previous to the outbreak and the Churches are open then for those who wish to come in for private prayer. Mass intentions for our deceased family members are offered up during the private Mass as well as the intentions of all of our Church family.
The Sacrament of Reconciliation is still offered and will continue to be so during the regular scheduled times that Mass would normally be held as well as by calling me for an appointment.
Although we are not currently posting local Mass from our 3 churches there are options available through various social media channels of other parishes in our diocese that have the resources to do so.
All Saints and Saint Michael/Christ the King parishes do have webpages, apps and Facebook sites to inform you on what is current in regards to what we know and to keep you updated on what we hear from the Diocese.
I also continue the Sacrament of Viaticum and Anointing of the Sick as needed.
In closing, I want to assure you again that I am praying for all of you when I celebrate Holy Mass. I also am available to talk to you if needed. Please be sure to leave a phone message so I know that you called and I will call you back.
Fr Pete