01/03/2022 09:07pm

Dear Parishioners,
I wish to inform you that I tested positive for COVID-19 this afternoon. Currently, my symptoms are minor, like a cold or sinus infection.
I understand this may be concerning news, especially to parishioners who celebrated the sacrament of reconciliation or attended Mass this weekend. Please know I didn’t have any indication I was positive for the coronavirus at that time. I do not believe anyone who celebrated the sacrament of reconciliation or attended Mass is considered a close contact. The CDC defines a close contact as being within six feet of the individual for 15 minutes or more within 24 hours in the two days before their symptoms showed up or before they went for a test. Parishioners do not need to quarantine due to a possible exposure; however, they are encouraged to monitor themselves for COVID-19 symptoms over the next 14 days.
I will remain in isolation until Saturday, Jan. 8, in accord with CDC guidance.
Daily Masses will be canceled until Monday, Jan. 10.
I share this news in an effort to be fully transparent with you. This news should reinforce our vigilance of following all parish and CDC recommendations, including staying home if you are sick, maintaining proper social distancing, and washing your hands regularly.

Parishioners are highly encouraged to receive a COVID-19 vaccine if they are able. The Catholic Bishops of Michigan have issued guidance on the moral permissibility of receiving the COVID-19 vaccine: https://grdiocese.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/michigan-bishops-covid-vaccines-statement-march-2021.pdf
General information may be found on the CDC website: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.html
We will continue to work to provide the safest environment possible for our parish community.

God Bless,
Father Pete